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On Saturday, November 26, at the Hacienda in Rome, the BBT Production, Buccioni Boxing Team, will represent a great event of Boxing focused on the challenges of two Italian Bonds of the category Welter between Pietro “The Butcher” Rossetti, 15v – 1s, and Emanuele Cavallucci nicknamed “Il Ghigno”, 13v – 6s – 1p. The match for the second Italian Title, as already anticipated in recent days from the preparation of Footballnews24, will see the glove between Yuri Lupparelli against Palermo Ignazio Crivello, a boxing match that promises very exciting. The latter at the second Title in the last year lost the final for the conquest of the Italian belt against Zucco in July 2021.

Changed the venue but not the program

The Main Event of the pugilistic meeting that will take place tomorrow evening, 26 November, was initially to take place at the Palagems of Tor di Quinto, but it causes the ingibility of the Roman Palasport to host the event, “It had to arrive a document that, instead, never arrived and I did not risk complaints. However I saved the meeting“, said manager Davide Buccioni At the head of the BBT Production company that organizes the event, managed to move the event to the Hacienda of Rome Tiburtina without any kind of variation. BBT Production presented the event in the Giulio Cesare Hall in Campidoglio. During the event, in addition to the two match boxes titolati, we could attend two matches under clou, in fact they will perform 8 pro boxers, the event will be broadcast live from 20:00 on Sportitalia.

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Cavallucci, BoxeLe parole di Cavallucci

Its origins: when he was born, where he was born and where he currently lives?

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“I was born in Chieti on 4 October 1988 and currently living in Tricalle, the popular district of Chieti in Abruzzo, in a popular building. I've been away from my neighborhood for a couple of years."

At what age does it approach the world of sports and why did you decide to practice boxing?

“I have always practiced sports, I was ten years old and I remember that my older brother Luigi led me to play football, kicked right in the clubs organized in the city. But there was something wrong with me, I was not a champion, I had already realized that football was not my sport until I still find accommodation at the age of 15, always with my brother I attended a martial arts gym practicing for about two years the Kung-fu. I played 10 Sandà games in two years, winning nine. From this experience it was already seen that I had the indole of the warrior. I decided to start practicing Pugilato because there is more organization, more competition, more chance to move forward. So at 17 years I went to the Pugilato and immediately realized what I wanted to do in this sport: I wanted to be an agonist.

Boxe Emanuele Cavallucci IN I'll Smile If I Go 26

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