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How to train to have Seno and Glutei more sodi, the tips of Fit For Lady.

The butt and breast are two crucial parts for a woman's body. Taking care and toning them with the right exercises not only brings a general physical well-being for the body, which will be healthier, but will also give a good dose of self-esteem and satisfaction that for a woman should never miss! Do not delay your perfect being.

Let's see some exercises that, if practiced with constancy (at least every two days), will soon bring good and visible results. The important thing, however, is not to overdo it, the muscle also needs rest and too much effort is likely to damage them. Also remember that training for short periods of time using a high resistance develops muscles, while doing it for longer periods with a lower endurance stretch and toning.

Always valid tips: drink plenty of water and sleep sufficiently to be always awake and hydrated during training. You constantly stretch to tone your muscles and always have them healthy.


SQUAT. The squat is the exercising par excellence for side B and thighs. From the erect position, with the feet divaricati to the same width of the hips, stretch your arms in front of you then bend your buttocks towards the floor, as if you were to sit in a chair. The thighs must be parallel to the floor, but do not let the knees extend beyond the tips of the feet. The back must stay straight and the head high. Try 8-10 sessions.

AFFUNDS It always starts from the standing and with the united feet. Take a big step forward with the right leg and fold both knees until you form a right corner. Don't let the right knee extend beyond the tip of the foot. The left knee should not touch the floor. Return to the starting position slowly. Always straight back and head high. Try with 10 repetitions for each leg.

Tip: try to maintain contracts for the abdominal muscles while exercising to also work that area.

RAISE LAW It is an effective exercise because it allows you to work side B and lumbar area simultaneously. Let's see how: start lying on one side, supporting the head with the elbow. Fold the knee that touches the ground forward until it forms a right angle, meanwhile, keep your left leg straight, aligned with your back. Keeping the foot parallel to the floor, lifts the other leg as high as possible, without moving the sides. You can use your left hand to support your hips and prevent them from prone to the back. Slowly fold your leg to sum up the starting position. Try 8-10 reps before changing side.

Tip: tighten the buttocks while lifting the left leg and trying to hold the abs.

KICKBACK- These exercises also resemble but also strengthen the lumbar area. To begin, put yourself on a carpon, with your hands lined under your shoulders and knees lined under your hips.

How To Train To Have More Firm Breasts And Buttocks

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