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The hack sentry is one of the most recommended exercises to work the lower train muscles. Below we show you how to do this exercise properly.

Sentadilla hack, how to do it?

The hack seals are an exercise similar to the traditional seals, with the exception that in this case it is to be performed on a machine that has a sloping backrest and a footrest, also with a sloping backrest. I mean, the hack seals are made in a position lay. Let's see, then, what is the technique we should use to do them in a correct way.

♪ Reflected knees, back against backrest, shoulders fixed in the cushions (translated from English, the word hack means “yunta”, the cushions remember the collar that the shooting animals carry), the feet medianly separated, inspire and make an extension of the knees. Breathe at the end of the movement.

This exercise is usually done in a special machine intended for it. In this machine we load the weight on our shoulders (imagin when we carry a child on our shoulders), so that it is the strength of the legs that allows to perform the repetitions.

It's very important not to cheat on the exercise. For example, push us with other parts of the body. Some of these exercise machines include hand grippers, which we do not recommend to use because they tempt us to perform force with our hands.

Meanwhile, the arms, better extended along the side or supported on the thighs. Otherwise, exercise will not be equal in cash and we will be cheating on ourselves.

Another important point to correctly perform exercise is breathing. You have to inspire before you make the descending motion and breathe when you perform the strength with your legs to reach the stretched position. And we repeat: we inspire as we go down, we breathe as we go up.

Finally, take into account the weight you carry. It is a very effective exercise that works our muscles even without additional weight. Special care must be taken with the intensity of this exercise, as it works hard enough for quadriceps and this is one of the most likely muscles to suffer dyes, even to break.

Common mistakes when making hacks

Even if it doesn't seem, it's a complicated exercise to execute, because it involves the whole body. For this reason, we tell you the usual mistakes when making hack stickers so you don't make them. Be careful with them, for it is an exercise that lends much to the injuries.

♪ Lowering your head – It’s a classic of mistakes when making hack sentries, lowering your head. We do it for inertia, without realizing that we can seriously damage neck and back.

♪ Curve your back – Another error that occurs by inertia, despite having a backing to support it. If we throw a good quadriceps, we will correct the back naturally.

♪ Shoulders Out – The tendency of shoulders is to go out, as much as the yunta holds us to the machine. We must control them.

What muscles do hacks sits work

The hack stickers are one of the most recommended exercises to work the lower zone. In this exercise all the weight is charged on the legs, especially on the quadriceps, which work directly. However, there are also other muscles that benefit from this exercise, mainly the femoral gluteos.

In the end, there are quite a lot more muscles than those involved in the hack sticks might think:

* Quadriceps

* Femoral

* Glute

♪ Twins

♪ Soleo

♪ Core

* Lumbar

* Abdominals

* Oblique

♪ Traps of shoulders and arms

As we have said, beware of the intensity of the exercise as it is a true manufacturer of sharpeners.

Benefits of the hack sentry

We've already seen the muscles used in this exercise. Now, the benefits of the hack seal go far beyond. And this tough routine has its half-term reward.

* Benefits for the hip – Even though it is the quadriceps the muscle that works most with the hacking seat, if we do it correctly, the hip will be one of the great benefits.

* Core – Stabilizing muscles are present throughout the exercise. Not only will we work the core, but we will multiply the calorie burn, by involving a large number of muscles in exercise.

♪ Affordable at home – Obviously, we don't have a machine at home but it's an exercise we can do at home. We just need a bar and weights or something similar to work.

* Multi-articular – The hack sticker is so flexible that we can include it in any routine we are doing. Whether it's strength, to lose weight, or even to gain muscle mass or in full hypertrophy. It adapts to everything. * Strength – Play progressive overload and make an eccentric work more meaning.

* Tonification – Series of up to 15 repetitions with weight that allows us to reach that figure

* Weight Loss – More than losing weight, the hack sentry helps us reduce body fat. Being an exercise that involves a tremendous number of muscles, it requires significant energy spending and its consequent burning of calories.

To finish, we leave you with a video and a series of links in case you want to complement the article information:

Video on the hacks

In the following video you can see in a much clearer way the right way to perform the hack or hack squat.

Sentadilla Hack Routines Training

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